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imma make a follow forever when i reach my next hundred *hint hint*

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Don't let anons get you down about something you've worked hard on. I know it's difficult, but the only reason somebody like that comments is because they can't do what you can do and they're frustrated by their own shittiness. You're doing great, your graphics are amazing.

thank you so much that really helped

jadelynrph asked:
Tell that anon to stfu, you're perf.

thanks so much! *single tear*

Anonymous asked:
Honey I just need to let you know. Your graphics rock and that anon is more than likely coming from this new rph hate blog so just ignore. Simpletons don't know shit about great graphics

hate blogs man, they are the death of me. thank you!

Anonymous asked:
yo, is that anon fucking serious right now? your graphics are amazing and should just fuck off. and besides, in what world is it appropriate to ever tell someone their /anything/ is shitty? smh

i don’t maybe they were coming from a good place but they definitely phrased it negatively. thanks though :)

heezusofrp asked:
that anon was completely pressed your graphics are still really rad tbh

*emotionally happy gif*

who the fuck do i have to murder for calling your graphics ugly, my baeface. EVERYONE BACK THE FUCK UP FROM MY BBY AND STOP TRYING TO HURT HER KIND AND AMAZING SOUL.

Thanks so much, Leila. You have resurrected me.

oh my god, anon stfu. coco is like the best homeslice out there, so you can go and take your shitty graphics, and negative attitude back to the hell you were born from. okay bye.e.e.e.e.

talksofrp asked:
fuck no. her graphics are fucking perfect, bye.

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Malia does NOT need your permission

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